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Guitar figure cutting board

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Guitar figure cutting board
Guitar figure cutting board
Guitar figure cutting board
Guitar figure cutting board
Guitar figure cutting board

Our guitar figure cutting board is a unique shaped cutting board made from carefully chosen rustic Jatoba, Marfim and Cumaru recycled and upcycled wood pieces, with the most precious natural colors and details that will put you in whole new level if you want to style your kitchen or entertain with the most unique charcuterie board! 

This board is a handmade piece made in a small and specialized Brazilian craft shop called @oficinadesignemadeira. One of our outsourced craftsmen.

The details are their priority, from purchasing the highest quality wood pieces, to the shaping of the boards and creating a seamless finish. Each board is soaked in 100% food grade mineral and carnauba oil and waxed with the best quality from @ironfittings.

Our cutting boards are naturally antimicrobial when properly maintained and are safe for food preparation. Some wear and knife marks are expected with use but can be minimized with regular maintenance and care.

*This cutting board includes a tote bag to carry it in the safest way, a little can of wax for you to use it when you want the extra shine, and a tag that contains all of the care instructions that you may need if you want your cutting board to last longer. 


32,5 cm / 12.79 inches


47 cm / 18.50 inches


3 cm / 1.18 inches