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Tahi Moai

To love our planet

To love the human kind;

To respect nature and protect it.

To save the oceans and marine life.

To be passionate for art and colors; and inspire with eco-friendly goods.

All those statements are who we are and what we stand for.

We are here not only to sell fashion and accessories;

Our mission is to make the difference in this world by being different.

Join us in our Tahi Moai way of life.

Meaning of Tahi Moai

Our name originates from Easter Island in Chile. The Moai are some of the world’s most fascinating and widely-recognised monolithic statues. They date back nearly a thousand years and are the art work of the early inhabitants of Easter Island. They are tall sculptures made out of volcanic rock. Many archaeologists believe the Moai represented the ancestors of the people. This is emphasized by the fact the Moai are almost always facing inland or towards a community, rather than out to sea, suggesting they were looking after the people. 

In Rapa Nui language, Tahi means number one.... thus “one Moai...” one statue, one symbol, standing all alone between all others, being strong by itself and standing there despite of all odds, time and weather with all his majestic legacy and mystery..... standing there to represent and carry years and years of history, art and culture.

And that "one Moai" represents us here at Tahi Moai.

A brand that protects and stands up for the environment.

And like the Moai we intend to stay and stand here despite all odds....